Hosted by Linda Culleton, OCD & Anxiety Expert

Wednesday 20th April 2022, 7.00pm Irish Standard time




  • Are you plagued with intense Fear and Anxiety from Obsessive Intrusive Thoughts and compulsions!

  • Have you spent years and large amounts of money in Therapy for OCD treatment without seeing any real results!

  • Are you on medication yet still suffering with OCD and experiencing side effects from medication

Join me in this

live webinar

Wednesday 20th April 2022, 7.00pm Irish Standard Time

where you will learn life changing information on how to BE FREE FROM OCD for good and live an empowering and happy life.



What you will learn in this Webinar:

  • Eliminate intrusive thoughts of any nature
  • Eliminate all compulsive behaviours for good
  • Regain peace of mind and feel empowered in your mental health

You will also have the opportunity to hear client success stories on this unique webinar.



The intrusive thoughts were constant even when I slept I would have them in the middle of the night and they scared the life out of me. I was constantly on the internet trying to find something to stop the intrusive thoughts and that is when I found Linda’s OCD course.

Since I completed the course I’m a different person. I no longer experience the reaction to the intrusive thoughts therefore I no longer have the intrusive thoughts.

I feel so much better so if there’s anyone that is going through what I went through there is help out there.

Recovered from Harm OCD

I have suffered from OCD Intrusive thoughts for the past 40 years.

I attended the OCD program and I found Linda to be a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic teacher. I found that some of the techniques brought an almost instant relief to the anxiety and played a major part in helping me get a good night’s sleep which was a problem for me previously.

As a result of this OCD Program, my OCD has completely disappeared. I have found the support of a group with similar problems to be very cathartic and also helpful to know you are not alone with this problem.

Recovered from Harm and Sexual OCD

Personally, talk therapy did not really work for me. Even though on the day of my sessions I would leave feeling great, the intrusive thoughts were still there and were only getting worse.

When I started the OCD program I began to feel a difference in about a week and I cannot express how hopeful and happy that made me feel.

I couldn’t believe that I had suffered for so long and that I was finally on the road to recovery.

It makes me excited to know how much better I feel already and that I will be feeling even better as time goes on.

Recovered from Homosexual OCD

I’ve just finished the program and I feel a lot better. I’m not worrying so much about contamination and feel in a much better place.The breathing exercises are actually very relaxing and allow me to take time out for myself from my busy family life.

During the course, Linda also advises us on our lifestyles such as sleep, diet and alcohol consumption and how it can all affect OCD.I found this to be very useful.

I would highly recommend anyone who is struggling with OCD to do this program as it certainly has given me my life back.

Recovered from Contamination OCD

The intrusive thoughts that I was experiencing were fears related to harming other people. These thoughts convinced me that I was in fact losing my mind and triggered a vicious circle of anxiety and depression that persisted on and off for over 40 years.

I eventually completed the 90 days of 31 minutes of OCD breathing techniques. I am quite satisfied I have no symptoms of the problem now and am happy that it is finally resolved and healed. It has had a remarkable effect on my life.

Recovered from Harm OCD

I have been able to cut my medication from 40mg daily to 10mg which has seen my energy levels increase dramatically as a result.

Another positive impact I have had through Linda’s teaching is I'm no longer as irritable as I used to be and my level of tolerance has increased, mainly I believe due to the reduction in constant anxiety I was living in.

I cannot recommend Linda’s OCD course enough or thank her enough for changing my life.

Recovered from Intrusive thoughts OCD

The Presenter

Linda Culleton

Hi I'm Linda. I am an OCD expert with over 7 years of experience providing OCD treatment to thousands of people from all over the world. I have experienced OCD myself and know the pain that it causes, however I also know the Solution. I understand that OCD is a sensitive issue so I am sure you will be reassured knowing that I can fully relate to your pain.

I have been featured on TV and Radio bringing awareness to this unique OCD Treatment.